The project So Far
Steam Tunneltug Hasty


The Engine

Sissons Technical College Engine of 1965

The Engine

The engine No 6262 was built in 1965 by Sissons of Gloucester as a Technical College Engine for Capetown Technical College in South Africa. I bought it in 2004 from a member of the SBA (Steam Boat Association) in the Orange Free State of South Africa and shipped it back to the UK.


The picture below shows the state of the engine just prior to packing and shipping.

The pictures below show the state of the engine today following extensive repair work and modifications to prepare it for marine use

Youtube video of the engine working on compressed air 02/05/09



















Some of the work done on the engine

The engine was dismantled a month ago and the base plate with flywheel and cranks have been used for a trial assembly of the steam plant as seen on the Steam Plant page. Now this is complete the base plate/sump has been delivered to Brinklow to be welded into the hull. It would be marvelous to be able to drop the engine in at this stage just to see how it all looks and feels but it would be disastrous with all the metal dust that is a consequence of the work being carried out. I shall have to wait until the cabin has been built for that and hope there is enough height in Steve's crane to drop it in through the roof.