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Adamant's hull was put together in 1992 and is made from the front ends of 2 barge hulls from about 1900 welded together in the middle. The boiler is a vretical fire tube and the engine is a Cockran compound of approx 12 hp. She can be seen regularly cruising the Oxford, Coventry and Grand union canals.


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NB Siskin

Andy Watson's Blog

Andy has been a great friend and supporter of this project boosting both knowledge and moral from the early on and I am very grateful to him.


This is his blog about the building of a replica Walkers Tug along the lines of "Stentor" and "Hector" I wish him luck and will follow his progress with great interest.


Steve Goddard's boat "Siskin" being built by himself and Simon Wain at Brinklow along side my boat. Steve has been more active than me with regards participating in the actual build. It's a great blog, take a look.


Caught Red Handed

Phil Martino polishing Adamant's copper blow-off pipes

Steamers Historical

This is a brilliant site created and managed by Richard Thomas, full of information about steamers on canals including pictures, historical facts and documentation, I wouldn't have built my version of Hasty if this site wasn't available